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BIO MEDICAL 2019- 2020


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GURU01 A Multi Rate Marginalized Particle Extended Kalman Filter for P and T Wave Segmentation in ECG Signals PDF/DOC
GURU02 A Multi-view Deep Learning Framework for EEG Seizure Detection PDF/DOC
GURU03 A New Unsupervised Approach for Segmenting and Counting Cells in High-Throughput Microscopy Image Sets PDF/DOC
GURU04 A Novel Blaschke Unwinding Adaptive Fourier Decomposition based Signal Compression Algorithm with Application on ECG Signals PDF/DOC
GURU05 Accurate segmentation and registration of skin lesion images to evaluate lesion change PDF/DOC
GURU06 Active Contours Based Segmentation and Lesion Periphery Analysis For Characterization of Skin Lesions in Dermoscopy Images PDF/DOC
GURU07 An Improved Skin Lesion Matching Scheme in Total Body Photography PDF/DOC
GURU08 Anatomical Structure Segmentation in Ultrasound Volumes using Cross Frame Belief Propagating Iterative Random Walks PDF/DOC
GURU09 Automated Region of Interest Detection Method in Scintigraphic Glomerular Filtration Rate Estimation PDF/DOC
GURU10 Automatic Detection of Aortic Valve Opening using Seismocardiography in Healthy Individuals PDF/DOC
GURU11 Automatic Detection of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using Wavelet Transform and Entropy based Features from Single-Lead ECG Signal PDF/DOC
GURU12 Automatic Retinal Layer Segmentation of OCT Images with Central Serous Retinopathy PDF/DOC
GURU13 Band-Limited Stokes Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Mapping PDF/DOC
GURU14 Biologically Inspired QuadTree Colour Detection in Dermoscopy Images of Melanoma PDF/DOC
GURU15 Cell Segmentation Based on FOPSO Combined with Shape Information Improved Intuitionistic FCM PDF/DOC
GURU16 Data-driven predictive models of diffuse low-grade gliomas under chemotherapy PDF/DOC
GURU17 Deep Convolutional Hashing for Low Dimensional Binary Embedding of Histopathological Images PDF/DOC
GURU18 Deep Learning: Current and Emerging Applications in Medicine and Technology PDF/DOC
GURU19 Dense Deconvolutional Network for Skin Lesion Segmentation PDF/DOC
GURU20 DermaKNet: Incorporating the knowledge of dermatologists to Convolutional Neural Networks for skin lesion diagnosis PDF/DOC
GURU21 Direct Segmentation-Based Full Quantification for Left Ventricle via Deep Multi-Task Regression Learning Network PDF/DOC
GURU22 Dynamic Quantification of Migrainous Thermal Facial Patterns – A Pilot Study PDF/DOC
GURU23 Empirical Mode Decomposition and Monogenic Signal-Based Approach for Quantification of Myocardial Infarction From MR Images PDF/DOC
GURU24 Fast QRS Detection and ECG Compression Based on Signal Structural Analysis PDF/DOC
GURU25 Fully Convolutional Neural Networks to Detect Clinical Dermoscopic Features PDF/DOC
GURU26 Groupwise multi-channel image registration PDF/DOC
GURU27 Identifying Resting-State Multifrequency Biomarkers via Tree-Guided Group Sparse Learning for Schizophrenia Classification PDF/DOC
GURU28 Improving Dermoscopic Image Segmentation With Enhanced Convolutional-Deconvolutional Networks PDF/DOC
GURU29 Intra-Slice Motion Correction of Intravascular OCT Images Using Deep Features PDF/DOC
GURU30 Local Motion Intensity Clustering (LMIC) Model for Segmentation of Right Ventricle in Cardiac MRI Images PDF/DOC
GURU31 MR Image Super-Resolution via Wide Residual Networks With Fixed Skip Connection PDF/DOC
GURU32 Multitask Cascade Convolution Neural Networks for Automatic Thyroid Nodule Detection and Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU33 Non-rigid image registration using spatially region-weighted correlation ration PDF/DOC
GURU34 Pattern Classification for Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors by Integration of Radiomics and Deep Convolutional Features PDF/DOC
GURU35 Quantification of Ventricular Repolarization Variation for Sudden Cardiac Death Risk Stratification in Atrial Fibrillation PDF/DOC
GURU36 RACE-Net A Recurrent Neural Network for Biomedical Image Segmentation PDF/DOC
GURU37 SDI+A Novel Algorithm for Segmenting Dermoscopic Images PDF/DOC
GURU38 Segmentation of Intra-Retinal Cysts From Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using a Fully Convolutional Neural Network Model PDF/DOC
GURU39 Semantic Segmentation of Pathological Lung Tissue With Dilated Fully Convolutional Networks PDF/DOC
GURU40 Sequential Emboli Detection From Ultrasound Outpatient Data PDF/DOC
GURU41 SetSVM An Approach to Set Classification in Nuclei-Based Cancer Detection PDF/DOC
GURU42 Seven-Point Checklist and Skin Lesion ClassificationUsing Multitask Multimodal Neural Nets PDF/DOC
GURU43 Sparse Group Representation Model for Motor Imagery EEG Classification PDF/DOC
GURU44 Speckle Removal Using Diffusion Potential for Optical Coherence Tomography Images PDF/DOC
GURU45 Speckle Tracking of Tendon Displacement in the Carpal Tunnel Improved Quantification Using Singular Value Decomposition PDF/DOC
GURU46 Statistical Detection of Colors in Dermoscopic Images With a Texton-Based Estimation of Probabilities PDF/DOC
GURU47 Supervised Saliency Map Driven Segmentation of Lesions in Dermoscopic Images PDF/DOC
GURU48 Surrogate-Assisted Retinal OCT Image Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Networks PDF/DOC
GURU49 Unsupervised Learning for Cell-Level Visual Representation in Histopathology Images With Generative Adversarial Networks PDF/DOC
GURU50 Weakly Supervised Biomedical Image Segmentation by Reiterative Learning PDF/DOC
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