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GURU01 A Bi-layered Parallel Training Architecture for Large- Scale Convolutional Neural Networks PDF/DOC
GURU02 A Cloud Brokerage Architecture for Efficient Cloud Service Selection PDF/DOC
GURU03 A Cost-Efficient Router Architecture for HPC Inter-Connection Networks Design and Implementation PDF/DOC
GURU04 A Distributed Discovery of Communicating Resource Systems Models PDF/DOC
GURU05 A Distributed Secure Outsourcing Scheme for Solving Linear Algebraic Equations in Ad Hoc Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU06 A Distributed Trust Evaluation Protocol with Privacy Protection for Intercloud PDF/DOC
GURU07 A General Analysis Framework for Soft Real-Time Tasks PDF/DOC
GURU08 A Hybrid Approach for Optimizing Carbon Footprint in InterCloud Environment PDF/DOC
GURU09 A Hybrid Approach for Optimizing Parallel Clustering Throughput using the GPU PDF/DOC
GURU10 A Modified Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption Access Control Method for Mobile Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
GURU11 A Multi-Layered Scheme for Distributed Simulations on the Cloud Environment PDF/DOC
GURU12 A New Robust Approach for Reversible Database Watermarking with Distortion Control PDF/DOC
GURU13 A Novel Feature Incremental Learning Method for Sensor-Based Activity Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU14 A Novel Task-Duplication Based Clustering Algorithm for Heterogeneous Computing Environments PDF/DOC
GURU15 A Power and Latency Aware Cloudlet Selection Strategy for Multi-Cloudlet Environment PDF/DOC
GURU16 A QoE-Oriented Scheduling Scheme for Energy- Efficient Computation Offloading in UAV Cloud System PDF/DOC
GURU17 A Renewable Energy Driven Approach for Computational Sprinting PDF/DOC
GURU18 A Renewable Energy Driven Approach for Computational Sprinting PDF/DOC
GURU19 A Survey of Prediction and Classification Techniques in Multicore Processor Systems PDF/DOC
GURU20 A Thorough Trust and Reputatuion Based RBAC Model for Secure Data Storage in the Cloud PDF/DOC
GURU21 A Unified Framework for Community Detection and Network Representation Learning PDF/DOC
GURU22 Adaptive Network Coded Clouds High Speed Downloads and Cost-Effective Version Control PDF/DOC
GURU23 Addressing the Practical Limitations of Noisy-OR Using Conditional Inter-Causal Anti-Correlation with Ranked Nodes PDF/DOC
GURU24 Adia Achieving High Link Utilization with Coflow-Aware Scheduling in Data Center Networks PDF/DOC
GURU25 Agent-Based Approaches for Intelligent Intercloud Resource Allocation PDF/DOC
GURU26 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) versus In-House HPC Platform A Cost Analysis PDF/DOC
GURU27 An Efficient Application Partitioning Algorithm in Mobile Environments PDF/DOC
GURU28 An Efficient Strategy for Online Performance Monitoring of Datacenters via Adaptive Sampling PDF/DOC
GURU29 An IO Efficient Distributed Approximation Framework Using Cluster Sampling PDF/DOC
GURU30 An Overflow Problem in Network Coding for Secure Cloud Storage PDF/DOC
GURU31 Anonymous Readers Counting A Wait-free Multi-word Atomic Register Algorithm for Scalable Data Sharing on Multi-core Machines PDF/DOC
GURU32 Aurora Seamless Optimization of OpenMP Applications PDF/DOC
GURU33 AutoBoT Resilient and Cost-Effective Scheduling of a Bag of Tasks on Spot VMs PDF/DOC
GURU34 Bandwidth and Energy Efficient Image Sharing for Situation Awareness in Disasters PDF/DOC
GURU35 Budget and Deadline Aware e-Science Workflow Scheduling in Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU36 CauseInfer Automated End-to-End Performance Diagnosis with Hierarchical Causality Graph in Cloud Environment PDF/DOC
GURU37 Chameleon A Hybrid, Proactive Auto-Scaling Mechanism on a Level-Playing Field PDF/DOC
GURU38 Cheating-Resilient Bandwidth Distribution in Mobile Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
GURU39 Clip A Disk IO Focused Parallel Out-of-Core Graph Processing System PDF/DOC
GURU40 Cloud Benchmarking for Maximising Performance of Scientific Applications PDF/DOC
GURU41 Cloud Scheduling with Discrete Charging Units PDF/DOC
GURU42 Cloud Storage Security Assessment Through Equilibrium Analysis PDF/DOC
GURU43 Collaborative Optimization of Service Composition for

Data-Intensive Applications in a Hybrid Cloud

GURU44 Comparative Analysis of Intra-Algorithm Parallel Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm Taxonomy  Implications on Bioinformatics Scenarios PDF/DOC
GURU45 Computing with Nearby Mobile Devices A Work Sharing Algorithm for Mobile Edge-Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU46 Continuously Distinct Sampling over Centralized and Distributed High Speed Data Streams PDF/DOC
GURU47 Co-Operative Resource Allocation Building an Open Cloud Market Using Shared Infrastructure PDF/DOC
GURU48 Coordinate Memory Deduplication and Partition for Improving Performance in Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
GURU49 Cost-aware Multi Data-Center Bulk Transfers in the Cloud from a Customer-Side Perspective PDF/DOC
GURU50 Cost-Effective Cloud Server Provisioning for Predictable Performance of Big Data Analytics PDF/DOC
GURU51 Cost-Efficient Consolidating Service for Aliyun’s Cloud-Scale Computing  PDF/DOC
GURU52 Cost-Minimizing Bandwidth Guarantee for Inter-Datacenter Traffic PDF/DOC
GURU53 CRAFT A Library for Easier Application-Level Checkpoint Restart and Automatic Fault Tolerance PDF/DOC
GURU54 Cross-Layer Multi-Cloud Real-Time Application QoS Monitoring and Benchmarking As-a-Service Framework PDF/DOC
GURU55 CrowdBC A Blockchain-Based Decentralized Framework for Crowdsourcing PDF/DOC
GURU56 Deadline-Aware MapReduce Job Scheduling with Dynamic Resource Availability PDF/DOC
GURU57 DeepClue Visual Interpretation of Text-based Deep Stock Prediction PDF/DOC
GURU58 Differentially Private Mixture of Generative Neural Networks PDF/DOC
GURU59 Differentiated Latency in Data Center Networks with Erasure Coded Files Through Traffic Engineering PDF/DOC
GURU60 Dynamic Autoselection and Autotuning of Machine Learning Models for Cloud Network Analytics PDF/DOC
GURU61 Enabling Encrypted Rich Queries in Distributed Key-Value Stores PDF/DOC
GURU62 Enabling Flexible Resource Allocation in Mobile Deep Learning Systems PDF/DOC
GURU63 Enabling Heterogeneous Network Function Chaining PDF/DOC
GURU64 Energy Efficiency Using Cloud Management of LTE Networks Employing Fronthaul and Virtualized Baseband Processing Pool PDF/DOC
GURU65 Energy-Efficient Adaptive Resource Management for Real-Time Vehicular Cloud Services PDF/DOC
GURU66 Energy-Efficient Multiple Producer-Consumer PDF/DOC
GURU67 Estimation of the Available Bandwidth in Inter-Cloud Links for Task Scheduling in Hybrid Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU68 Exploiting the Dynamic Mutual Influence for Prrdicting Social Event Participation PDF/DOC
GURU69 Exploring Fault-Tolerant Erasure Codes for Scalable All-Flash Array Clusters PDF/DOC
GURU70 Exploring GPU-Accelerated Routing for FPGAs PDF/DOC
GURU71 Functional and Contextual Attention-Based LSTM for Service Recommendation in Mashup Creation PDF/DOC
GURU72 Gazing into the Crystal Ball When the Future Internet Meets the Mobile Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU73 Green DB Energy-Efficient Prefetching and Caching in Database Clusters PDF/DOC
GURU74 Harnessing Data Movement in Virtual Clusters for In-Situ Execution PDF/DOC
GURU75 HyConv Accelerating Multi-Phase CNN Computation by Fine-Grained Policy Selection PDF/DOC
GURU76 Hytrace A Hybrid Approach to Performance Bug Diagnosis in Production Cloud Infrastructures PDF/DOC
GURU77 IAD Interaction-Aware Diffusion Framework in Social Networks PDF/DOC
GURU78 Introducing Cuts into a Top-down Process for Checking Tree Inclusion PDF/DOC
GURU79 Live Placement of Interdependent Virtual Machines to Optimize Cloud Service Profits and Penalties on SLAs PDF/DOC
GURU80 Loop Parallelism Maximization for Multimedia Data Processing in Mobile Vehicular Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU81 Making Big Data Open in Edges A Resource-Efficient Block chain-Based Approach PDF/DOC
GURU82 Managing Rich Metadata in High-Performance Computing Systems Using a Graph Model PDF/DOC
GURU83 Mobile Cloud Support for Semantic-Enriched Speech Recognition in Social Care PDF/DOC
GURU84 Modeling the Parameter Interactions in Ranking SVM with Low-rank Approximation PDF/DOC
GURU85 Multi-Objective Service Composition with QoS Dependencies PDF/DOC
GURU86 Net Watch End-to-End Network Performance Measurement as a Service for Cloud PDF/DOC
GURU87 Pec Proactive Elastic Collaborative Resource Scheduling in Data Stream Processing PDF/DOC
GURU88 Profit Maximization for Admitting Requests with Network Function Services in Distributed Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU89 Profit Maximization for Cloud Brokers in Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
GURU90 Quality-Assured Secured Load Sharing in Mobile Cloud Networking Environment PDF/DOC
GURU91 SDCon Integrated Control Platform for Software- Defined Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU92 SDN-Based Multi-Class QoS Guarantee in Inter-Data Center Communications PDF/DOC
GURU93 Selective Mobile Cloud Offloading to Augment Multi- Persona Performance and Viability PDF/DOC
GURU94 Smart Contract-Based Negotiation for Adaptive QoS-Aware Service Composition PDF/DOC
GURU95 Straggler Root-Cause and Impact Analysis for Massive-scale Virtualized Cloud Datacenters PDF/DOC
GURU96 Transactional Behavior Verification in Business Process as a Service Configuration PDF/DOC
GURU97 Using Crowd Sourcing to Provide QoS for Mobile Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
GURU98 Using High-Bandwidth Networks Efficiently for Fast Graph Computation PDF/DOC
GURU99 Vertex Coloring with Communication Constraints in Synchronous Broadcast Networks PDF/DOC
GURU100 Energy-Aware VM Consolidation in Cloud Data Centers Using Utilization Prediction Model PDF/DOC


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