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GURU01 A Benchmark for Edge-Preserving Image Smoothing PDF/DOC
GURU02 A Blind Stereoscopic Image Quality Evaluator With Segmented Stacked Autoencoders Considering the Whole Visual Perception Route PDF/DOC
GURU03 A Cartoon-Texture Approach for JPEG JPEG 2000 Decompression Based on TGV and Shearlet Transform PDF/DOC
GURU04 A Continuous Random Walk Model With Explicit Coherence Regularization for Image Segmentation PDF/DOC
GURU05 A Convergent Image Fusion Algorithm Using Scene-Adapted Gaussian-Mixture-Based Denoising PDF/DOC
GURU06 A Convex Optimization Framework for Video Quality and Resolution Enhancement From Multiple Descriptions PDF/DOC
GURU07 A Dynamic-Shape-Prior Guided Snake Model With Application in Visually Tracking Dense Cell Populations PDF/DOC
GURU08 A Fast Image Dehazing Algorithm Using Morphological Reconstruction PDF/DOC
GURU09 A Local Metric for Defocus Blur Detection Based on CNN Feature Learning PDF/DOC
GURU10 A Maximum Likelihood Approach for Depth Field Estimation Based on Epipolar Plane Images PDF/DOC
GURU11 A New Multi-Atlas Registration Framework for Multimodal Pathological Images Using Conventional Monomodal Normal Atlases PDF/DOC
GURU12 A Non-Local Dual-Domain Approach to Cartoon and Texture Decomposition PDF/DOC
GURU13 A Novel Scheme Based on the Diffusion to Edge Detection PDF/DOC
GURU14 A Perceptual Distinguishability Predictor For JND-Noise-Contaminated Images PDF/DOC
GURU15 A Robust Group-Sparse Representation Variational Method With Applications to Face Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU16 Accelerating GMM-Based Patch Priors for Image  Restoration Three Ingredients for a 100× Speed- Up PDF/DOC
GURU17 Action-Stage Emphasized Spatiotemporal VLAD for Video Action Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU18 Advanced Spherical Motion Model and Local Padding for 360° Video Compression PDF/DOC
GURU19 AIPNet Image-to-Image Single Image Dehazing With Atmospheric Illumination Prior PDF/DOC
GURU20 Anchor Cascade for Efficient Face Detection PDF/DOC
GURU21 Automated Method for Retinal Artery Vein Separation via Graph Search Metaheuristic Approach PDF/DOC
GURU22 Automatic Land Cover Reconstruction From Historical Aerial Images An Evaluation of Features Extraction and Classification Algorithms PDF/DOC
GURU23 Bayesian Polytrees With Learned Deep Features for Multi-Class Cell Segmentation PDF/DOC
GURU24 Benchmarking Single-Image Dehazing and Beyond PDF/DOC
GURU25 Blind Deblurring of Natural Stochastic Textures Using an Anisotropic Fractal Model and Phase Retrieval Algorithm PDF/DOC
GURU26 Class Agnostic Image Common Object Detection PDF/DOC
GURU27 CNN Fixations An Unraveling Approach to Visualize the Discriminative Image Regions PDF/DOC
GURU28 Combining Local and Global Measures for DIBR-Synthesized Image Quality Evaluation PDF/DOC
GURU29 Content-Aware Enhancement of Images With Filamentous Structures PDF/DOC
GURU30 Contrast in Haze Removal Configurable Contrast  Enhancement Model Based on Dark Channel Prior PDF/DOC
GURU31 Corrupted Reference Image Quality Assessment of  Denoised Images PDF/DOC
GURU32 Cross-Scale Predictive Dictionaries PDF/DOC
GURU33 D3R-Net Dynamic Routing Residue Recurrent Network for Video Rain Removal PDF/DOC
GURU34 DCSR Dilated Convolutions for Single Image Super-Resolution PDF/DOC
GURU35 Deep Color Guided Coarse-to-Fine Convolutional Network Cascade for Depth Image Super-Resolution PDF/DOC
GURU36 Deep Crisp Boundaries From Boundaries to Higher-Level Tasks PDF/DOC
GURU37 Deep Learning From Noisy Image Labels With Quality Embedding PDF/DOC
GURU38 Deep Reconstruction of Least Significant Bits for Bit-Depth Expansion PDF/DOC
GURU39 Deep Representation Learning With Part Loss for Person Re-Identification PDF/DOC
GURU40 Deep Visual Saliency on Stereoscopic Images PDF/DOC
GURU41 DeepCrack Learning Hierarchical Convolutional Features for Crack Detection PDF/DOC
GURU42 Deformable Object Tracking with Gated Fusion PDF/DOC
GURU43 DenseFuse A Fusion Approach to Infrared and Visible Images PDF/DOC
GURU44 Depth Restoration From RGB-D Data via Joint Adaptive Regularization and Thresholding on Manifolds PDF/DOC
GURU45 Depth Super-Resolution via Joint Color-Guided Internal and External Regularizations PDF/DOC
GURU46 Detecting and Mapping Video Impairments PDF/DOC
GURU47 Divide and Count Generic Object Counting by Image Divisions PDF/DOC
GURU48 Dual-transfer Face Sketch-Photo Synthesis PDF/DOC
GURU49 Enhanced Non-Local Total Variation Model and Multi-Directional Feature Prediction Prior for Single Image Super Resolution PDF/DOC
GURU50 Face Frontalization Using an Appearance-Flow- Based Convolutional Neural Network PDF/DOC
GURU51 Fast Adaptive Bilateral Filtering PDF/DOC
GURU52 Gated-GAN Adversarial Gated Networks for Multi-Collection Style Transfer PDF/DOC
GURU53 Generalized Bayesian Model Selection for Speckle on Remote Sensing Images PDF/DOC
GURU54 Fast High-Dimensional Bilateral and Nonlocal Means Filtering PDF/DOC
GURU55 FastDeRain A Novel Video Rain Streak Removal Method Using Directional Gradient Priors PDF/DOC
GURU56 Focal Boundary Guided Salient Object Detection PDF/DOC
GURU57 Fundamental Visual Concept Learning From Correlated Images and Text PDF/DOC
GURU58 Graph-Based Blind Image Deblurring From a Single Photograph PDF/DOC
GURU59 Graph-based Joint Dequantization and Contrast Enhancement of Poorly Lit JPEG Images PDF/DOC
GURU60 Graph-Regularized Locality-Constrained Joint Dictionary and Residual Learning for Face Sketch Synthesis PDF/DOC
GURU61 Hierarchical Features Driven Residual Learning for Depth Map Super-Resolution PDF/DOC
GURU62 Hierarchical Tracking by Reinforcement Learning-Based Searching and Coarse-to-Fine Verifying PDF/DOC
GURU63 High Quality Bayesian Pansharpening PDF/DOC
GURU64 High-quality Image Restoration Using Low-Rank Patch Regularization and Global Structure Sparsity PDF/DOC
GURU65 Hybrid LSTM and Encoder–Decoder Architecture for Detection of Image Forgeries PDF/DOC
GURU66 Hyperspectral Imagery Classification via Stochastic HHSVMs PDF/DOC
GURU67 Image Co-Saliency Detection and Co-Segmentation via Progressive Joint Optimization PDF/DOC
GURU68 Image Enhancement With PDEs and Nonconservative Advection Flow Fields PDF/DOC
GURU69 Improved ArtGAN for Conditional Synthesis of Natural Image and Artwork PDF/DOC
GURU70 Improving the Visual Quality of Size-Invariant Visual Cryptography for Grayscale Images An Analysis-by-Synthesis (AbS) Approach PDF/DOC
GURU71 Learning Converged Propagations With Deep Prior Ensemble for Image Enhancement PDF/DOC
GURU72 Light Field Spatial Super-Resolution Using Deep Efficient Spatial-Angular Separable Convolution PDF/DOC
GURU73 Local Kernels That Approximate Bayesian Regularization and Proximal Operators PDF/DOC
GURU74 Low-Resolution Face Recognition in the Wild via Selective Knowledge Distillation PDF/DOC
GURU75 Matrix Completion Based on Non-Convex Low-Rank Approximation PDF/DOC
GURU76 Moving Object Detection in Complex Scene Using Spatiotemporal Structured-Sparse RPCA PDF/DOC
GURU77 Moving Object Detection in Video via Hierarchical Modeling and Alternating Optimization PDF/DOC
GURU78 MSFD Multi-Scale Segmentation-Based Feature Detection for Wide-Baseline Scene Reconstruction PDF/DOC
GURU79 Multi-Grid Phase Field Skin Tumor Segmentation in 3D Ultrasound Images PDF/DOC
GURU80 Mutual Component Convolutional Neural Networks for Heterogeneous Face Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU81 Nonconvex-Sparsity and Nonlocal-Smoothness- Based Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing PDF/DOC
GURU82 Nonlocal Patch Tensor Sparse Representation for  Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution PDF/DOC
GURU83 Occlusion Aware Facial Expression Recognition Using CNN With Attention Mechanism PDF/DOC
GURU84 On-Device Scalable Image-Based Localization via Prioritized Cascade Search and Fast One-Many RANSAC PDF/DOC
GURU85 One-View Occlusion Detection for Stereo Matching With a Fully Connected CRF Model PDF/DOC
GURU86 Online Subspace Learning from Gradient Orientations for Robust Image Alignment PDF/DOC
GURU87 Parallel Attentive Correlation Tracking PDF/DOC
GURU88 Predicting Detection Performance on Security X- Ray Images as a Function of Image Quality PDF/DOC
GURU89 Rectification Using Different Types of Cameras Attached to a Vehicle PDF/DOC
GURU90 Relative CNN-RNN Learning Relative Atmospheric Visibility From Images PDF/DOC
GURU91 RGB-D Saliency Detection With Pseudo Depth PDF/DOC
GURU92 Robust Semantic Template Matching Using a Superpixel Region Binary Descriptor PDF/DOC
GURU93 Salient Object Detection With Lossless Feature Reflection and Weighted Structural Loss PDF/DOC
GURU94 Scale-Free Single Image Deraining Via Visibility- Enhanced Recurrent Wavelet Learning PDF/DOC
GURU95 Semantic Prior Analysis for Salient Object Detection PDF/DOC
GURU96 Single Image Defogging Based on Illumination  Decomposition for Visual Maritime Surveillance PDF/DOC
GURU97 Single Image Reflection Removal Using Convolutional Neural Networks PDF/DOC
GURU98 Statistical Nearest Neighbors for Image Denoising PDF/DOC
GURU99 Structure-Texture Image Decomposition Using Deep Variational Priors PDF/DOC
GURU100 Supplemental material to Image enhancement with PDEs and nonconservative advection flow fields PDF/DOC


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