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S.NO MOBILE COMPUTING 2019-2020 Price Approx
GURU01 A Secure AMR Fixed Codebook Steganographic Scheme Based on Pulse Distribution Model PDF/DOC
GURU02 A Stackelberg Game Approach Toward Socially-Aware Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsensing PDF/DOC
GURU03 Analytic System to Evaluate Efficient Driving Programs in Professional Fleets PDF/DOC
GURU04 Backup Battery Analysis and Allocation against Power Outage for Cellular Base Stations PDF/DOC
GURU05 BeamRaster A Practical Fast Massive MU-MIMO System With Pre-Computed Precoders PDF/DOC
GURU06 Counting Human Objects Using Backscattered Radio Frequency Signals PDF/DOC
GURU07 Development and Testing of a Real-Time WiFi- Bluetooth System for Pedestrian Network Monitoring, Classification, and Data Extrapolation PDF/DOC
GURU08 Efficiency network construction of advanced metering infrastructure using Zigbee PDF/DOC
GURU09 Efficient Locality Classification for Indoor Fingerprint-based Systems PDF/DOC
GURU10 Energy-Efficient Dynamic Computation Offloading and Cooperative Task Scheduling in Mobile Cloud  Computing PDF/DOC
GURU11 Energy-Efficient Traffic Regulation and Scheduling for Video Streaming Services Over LTE-A Networks PDF/DOC
GURU12 Follow-Me Cloud When Cloud Services Follow Mobile Users PDF/DOC
GURU13 FooDNet Toward an Optimized Food Delivery Network Based on Spatial Crowdsourcing PDF/DOC
GURU14 Hadoop MapReduce for Mobile Clouds PDF/DOC
GURU15 How Expensive is Consistency Performance Analysis of Consistent Rate Provisioning to Mobile Users in Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
GURU16 Improving Energy Efficiency of Android Devices by Preventing Redundant Frame Generation PDF/DOC
GURU17 Joint Path Selection and Rate Allocation Framework for 5G Self-Backhauled mmWave Networks PDF/DOC
GURU18 KEH-Gait Using Kinetic Energy Harvesting for Gait-based User Authentication Systems PDF/DOC
GURU19 Learning-Aided Multiple Time-Scale SON Function  Coordination in Ultra-Dense Small-Cell Networks PDF/DOC
GURU20 Mobile Data Offloading with Uniform Pricing and Overlaps PDF/DOC
GURU21 Reducing Event Latency and Power Consumption in Mobile Devices by Using a Kernel-Level Display Server PDF/DOC
GURU22 On the Strength of Privacy Metrics for Vehicular  Communication PDF/DOC
GURU23 Polarization-based Visible Light Positioning PDF/DOC
GURU24 VLC and D2D Heterogeneous Network Optimization A Reinforcement Learning Approach Based on Equilibrium Problems With Equilibrium Constraints PDF/DOC
GURU25 Precise Power Delay Profiling with Commodity Wi-Fi PDF/DOC
GURU26 Securing Android App Markets via Modeling and Predicting Malware Spread Between Markets PDF/DOC
GURU27 Pricing Data Tampering in Automated Fare Collection with NFC-Equipped Smartphones PDF/DOC
GURU28 Signal Processing of Multimodal Mobile Lifelogging Data Towards Detecting Stress in Real- World Driving PDF/DOC
GURU29 StrLight An Imperceptible Visible Light  Communication System with String Lights PDF/DOC
GURU30 ViNav A Vision-based Indoor Navigation Systems for Smartphones PDF/DOC
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