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GURU01 Optimal Phase Shift Control to Minimize Reactive Power for a Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU02 Modular Parallel Multi-Inverter System for High-Power Inductive Power Transfer PDF/DOC
GURU03 A Novel Control Scheme for Enhancing the Transient Performance of an Islanded Hybrid AC- DC Microgrid PDF/DOC
GURU04 A High Performance Shade-Tolerant MPPT Based on Current-Mode Control PDF/DOC
GURU05 Modulated Model Predictive Control for Modular Multilevel ACAC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU06 A Fuzzy Logic Based Switching Methodology for a Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter PDF/DOC
GURU07 Experimental Evaluation of Capacitors for Power Buffering in Single-Phase Power Converters PDF/DOC
GURU08 A Fixed-Length Transfer Delay-based Adaptive Frequency Locked Loop for Single-Phase Systems PDF/DOC
GURU09 Three Phase Single Stage Isolated Cuk based PFC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU10 Vector Current Control Derived from Direct Power Control for Grid-Connected Inverters PDF/DOC
GURU11 Compromised Controller Design for Current Sharing and Voltage Regulation in DC Microgrid PDF/DOC
GURU12 Single-Stage Variable Turns Ratio High-Frequency Link Grid-Connected Inverter PDF/DOC
GURU13 Design of Power Decoupling Strategy for Single-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter Under Non-Ideal Power Grid PDF/DOC
GURU14 Multi-Switches Fault Diagnosis Based on Small Low Frequency Data for Voltage-Source Inverters of PMSM Drives PDF/DOC
GURU15 Critical-Mode-Based Soft-Switching Modulation for High-Frequency Three-Phase Bi-Directional ACDC Converters PDF/DOC
GURU16 Power Density and Efficiency Enhancement in ICN DC-DC Converters Using Topology Morphing Control PDF/DOC
GURU17 High-Efficiency Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Systems in a Smart Grid PDF/DOC
GURU18 High Frequency PCB Winding Transformer with Integrated Inductors for a Bi-directional Resonant Converter PDF/DOC
GURU19 A Three-port Converter Based Distributed DC Grid-connected PV System with Autonomous Output Voltage-Sharing Control PDF/DOC
GURU20 A Highly Reliable and Efficient Class of Single Stage High-Frequency AC-Link Converters PDF/DOC
GURU21 Modeling Dual Active Bridge Converters in DC Distribution Systems PDF/DOC
GURU22 Inductance-Independent Nonlinearity Compensation for Single-Phase Grid-Tied Inverter Operating in both Continuous and Discontinuous Current Mode PDF/DOC
GURU23 Novel Modulation of Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Systems PDF/DOC
GURU24 A Unidirectional Single-Stage Three-Phase Soft-switched Isolated DC-AC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU25 Family of Multiport Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverters for High Frequency AC Power Distribution PDF/DOC
GURU26 Interleaved-Input Series-Output Ultra High Voltage Gain DC-DC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU27 Lifetime Estimation of DC-link Capacitors in Adjustable Speed Drives Under Grid Voltage Unbalances PDF/DOC
GURU28 Solid-State Single-Port Series Damping Device for Power Converters in DC Microgrid Systems PDF/DOC
GURU29 Comprehensive Diagnosis and Tolerance Strategies for Electrical Faults and Sensor Faults in Dual Three-Phase PMSM Drives PDF/DOC
GURU30 Hybrid Electric Springs for Grid-tied Power Control and Storage Reduction in AC Microgrids PDF/DOC
GURU31 Deadbeat Control for Single-Inductor Multiple-Input  Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU32 Power Decoupling Control for Capacitance Reduction in Cascaded H-Bridge Converter-based Regenerative Motor Drive Systems PDF/DOC
GURU33 A Simple Approach to Enhance the Effectiveness of Passive Currents Balancing in an Interleaved Multiphase Bidirectional DC-DC Converter PDF/DOC
GURU34 A Model Predictive Current Controlled Bidirectional Three-level DCDC Converter for Hybrid Energy Storage System in DC Microgrids PDF/DOC
GURU35 Single-stage AC-AC Converter With Controllable Phase and Amplitude PDF/DOC
GURU36 A Modified DC Power Electronic Transformer Based on Series Connection of Full-Bridge Converters PDF/DOC
GURU37 A Novel Forbidden-Region-Based Stability Criterion in Modified Sequence-Domain for AC Grid- Converter System PDF/DOC
GURU38 Fast Fault Diagnosis Method for Hall Sensors in Brushless DC Motor Drives PDF/DOC


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