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GURU01 A Deep Learning Perspective on Beauty Sentiment and Remembrance of Art PDF/DOC
GURU02 A Flexible Framework for Exploring, Evaluating, and Comparing SHA-2 Designs PDF/DOC
GURU03 A General Approach for Achieving Supervised Subspace Learning in Sparse Representation PDF/DOC
GURU04 A Machine Learning Approach for Fall Detection and Daily Living Activity Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU05 A Machine Learning Framework for Domain Generation Algorithm (DGA)-Based Malware Detection PDF/DOC
GURU06 A Two-Stage Model to Predict Surgical Patients’ Lengths of Stay From an Electronic Patient Database PDF/DOC
GURU07 Accounting for Label Uncertainty in Machine Learning for Detection of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome PDF/DOC
GURU08 Active Learning From Imbalanced Data A Solution of Online Weighted Extreme Learning Machine PDF/DOC
GURU09 An efficient Android malware detection system based on method-level behavioral semantic analysis PDF/DOC
GURU10 Cryptanalysis of An Identity-Based Encryption Scheme with Equality Test and Improvement PDF/DOC
GURU11 Evaluation of Machine-Learning Approaches to Estimate Sleep Apnea Severity From At-Home Oximetry Recordings PDF/DOC
GURU12 Financial Latent Dirichlet Allocation (FinLDA) Feature Extraction in Text and Data Mining for Financial Time Series Prediction PDF/DOC
GURU13 Influence of Compact Memristors’ Stability on Machine Learning PDF/DOC
GURU14 MPED A Multi-Modal Physiological Emotion Database for Discrete Emothion Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU15 OFS-NN An Effective Phishing Websites Detection Model Based on Optimal Feature Selection and Neural Network PDF/DOC
GURU16 Online ADMM-based Extreme Learning Machine for Sparse Supervised Learning PDF/DOC
GURU17 Outlier Detection in Wearable Sensor Data for Human Activity Recognition (HAR) Based on DRNNs PDF/DOC
GURU18 Reliable Crowdsourcing and Deep Locality- Preserving Learning for Unconstrained Facial Expression Recognition PDF/DOC
GURU19 Robust Unsupervised Multi-view Feature Learning with Dynamic Graph PDF/DOC
GURU20 Semi-Supervised Deep Fuzzy C-Mean Clustering for  Imbalanced Multi-Class Classification PDF/DOC
GURU21 Usage of Machine Learning for Strategic Decision Making at Higher Educational Institutions PDF/DOC
GURU22 Recommending Personalized Summaries of Teaching Materials PDF/DOC
GURU23 Vision-Based Remote Control System by Motion Detection and Open Finger Counting PDF/DOC
GURU24 Toward End-to-End Car License Plate Detection and Recognition With Deep Neural Networks PDF/DOC
GURU25 The Location Allocation Problem of after Disaster Blood Supply Chain PDF/DOC
GURU26 Sequential Summarization: A Full View of Twitter Trending Topics PDF/DOC
GURU27 Secure Attribute-Based Signature Scheme With Multiple Authorities for Blockchain in Electronic Health Records Systems PDF/DOC
GURU28 Resource estimation in T20 cricket PDF/DOC
GURU29 Privacy-Preserving Social Media Data Publishing for Personalized Ranking-Based Recommendation PDF/DOC
GURU30 Prediction of Adverse Glycemic Events from Continuous  Glucose Monitoring Signal PDF/DOC
GURU31 Optimal Appointment Rule Design in an Outpatient Department PDF/DOC
GURU32 On the Scalability of Machine-Learning Algorithms for  Breast Cancer Prediction in Big Data Context PDF/DOC
GURU33 On Summarization and Timeline Generation for Evolutionary Tweet Streams PDF/DOC
GURU34 Multi-Task Cost-Sensitive-Convolutional Neural Network for Car Detection PDF/DOC
GURU35 Modeling of effective path-length based on rain cell  statistics for total attenuation prediction in satellite link PDF/DOC
GURU36 Lane Detection of Curving Road for Structural High-way  with Straight-curve Model on Vision PDF/DOC
GURU37 Investigation of Remote Sensing Imageries for Identifying Soil Texture Classes Using Classification Methods PDF/DOC
GURU38 HDM: A Composable Framework for Big Data Processing PDF/DOC
GURU39 Confidence Measure Using Composite Features for Eye Detection in a Face Recognition System PDF/DOC
GURU40 An Analytical Model of E-Recruiting Investment Decision: An Economic Employment Approach PDF/DOC
GURU41 A Structure-Based Human Facial Age Estimation Framework under a Constrained Condition PDF/DOC
GURU42 A Probabilistic Approach for Vision-Based Fire Detection in Videos PDF/DOC
GURU43 A Prediction Approach for Stock Market Volatility Based on Time Series Data PDF/DOC
GURU44 A Novel Approach to Moving Target Screening for UHF-Band SAR GMTI PDF/DOC
GURU45 A New CNN-Based Method for Multi-Directional Car License Plate Detection PDF/DOC
GURU46 A Linear Model Based on Principal Component Analysis for Disease Prediction PDF/DOC
GURU47 A Fuzzy Ontology and Its Application to News Summarization PDF/DOC


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