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GURU01 A Distortion-Resistant Routing Framework for Video Traffic in Wireless Multihop Networks PDF/DOC
GURU02 A framework for real-time spam detection in twitter PDF/DOC
GURU03 A Machine Learning Approach for Tracking and Predicting Abnormal Behaviour PDF/DOC
GURU04 A Machine Learning Approach for Tracking and Predicting Student performance in Degree Programs PDF/DOC
GURU05 A Machine Learning Approach to classify News Articles based on Location PDF/DOC
GURU06 A New Approach to Hide Text in Images Using Steganography PDF/DOC
GURU07 Analysis of home location estimation with iteration PDF/DOC
GURU08 Application of Deep Learning in Object Detection PDF/DOC
GURU09 Application of Text Classification and Clustering of Twitter Data for Business Analytics PDF/DOC
GURU10 Arecanut Grading Based on Three Sigma Controls and SVM PDF/DOC
GURU11 Automatic keyword extraction for text summarization A Survey PDF/DOC
GURU12 Bird Classification Using Binary Relevance approach with Random Forest PDF/DOC
GURU13 Chatbot Project Using Embedded Knowledge PDF/DOC
GURU14 Dynamic Routing for Data Integrity and Delay Differentiated Services in Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
GURU15 Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Intrusion Detection System PDF/DOC
GURU16 Face Detection and Facial Expression Recognition System PDF/DOC
GURU17 Gender Identification by Voice PDF/DOC
GURU18 Groundwater Level Predictions Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF/DOC
GURU19 Large Scale Multi-label Text Classification of a  Hierarchical Dataset using Rocchio algorithm PDF/DOC
GURU20 Maximizing P2P File Access Availability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks though Replication for Efficient File Sharing PDF/DOC
GURU21 Movie success prediction using Machine Learning PDF/DOC
GURU22 Optic Disc and Cup Segmentation Methods for Glaucoma Detection with Modification of U-Net Convolutional Neural Network PDF/DOC
GURU23 Passive IP Traceback Disclosing the Locations of IP Spoofers From Path Backscatter PDF/DOC
GURU24 Personality Recognition on Social Media with Label PDF/DOC
GURU25 PPHOPCM Privacy-Preserving High-order Possibilistic c-Means Algorithm for Big Data Clustering with Cloud Computing PDF/DOC
GURU26 Provable Multicopy Dynamic Data Possession in Cloud Computing Systems BlockChain_File_Transfer PDF/DOC
GURU27 Recommender Systems in E-Commerce PDF/DOC
GURU28 Scalable Content-Aware Collaborative Filtering for  Location Recommendation PDF/DOC
GURU29 Secure Auditing and Deduplicating Data in Cloud PDF/DOC
GURU30 Seep Perdition using Image-Recognition based on Deep Learning PDF/DOC
GURU31 Semi-supervised ensemble clustering based on selected constraint projection PDF/DOC
GURU32 SmartCrawler A Two-stage Crawler for Efficiently Harvesting Deep-Web Interfaces PDF/DOC
GURU33 Smartphone-Based Wound Assessment System for  Patients With Diabetes PDF/DOC
GURU34 SociRank Identifying and Ranking Prevalent News Topics Using Social Media Factors PDF/DOC
GURU35 Stock Price Forecasting Using Support Vector Regression PDF/DOC
GURU36 Supervised and Unsupervised Aspect Category Detection For Sentiment Analysis With Co-Occurrence Data PDF/DOC
GURU37 Text Mining Based on Tax Comments PDF/DOC


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