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GURU01 A New Construction Framework for Polyphase Complete Complementary Codes With Various Lengths PDF/DOC
GURU02 A Theoretical Framework of Robust H-Infinity Unscented Kalman Filter and Its Application to Power System Dynamic State Estimation PDF/DOC
GURU03 Advanced Low-Complexity Multicarrier Schemes Using Fast-Convolution Processing and Circular Convolution Decomposition PDF/DOC
GURU04 Advances in Distributed Graph Filtering PDF/DOC
GURU05 Communication-Censored ADMM for Decentralized Consensus Optimization PDF/DOC
GURU06 Convergence Analysis of Gaussian Belief Propagation Under High-Order Factorization and Asynchronous Scheduling PDF/DOC
GURU07 Correction of Corrupted Columns Through Fast Robust Hankel Matrix Completion PDF/DOC
GURU08 Covariance Matrix Estimation From Linearly- Correlated Gaussian Samples PDF/DOC
GURU09 DeepLOB Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Limit Order Books PDF/DOC
GURU10 Delta-Ramp Encoder for Amplitude Sampling and Its Interpretation as Time Encoding PDF/DOC
GURU11 Designing Sets of Binary Sequences for MIMO Radar Systems PDF/DOC
GURU12 Eigendecomposition-Free Sampling Set Selection for Graph Signals PDF/DOC
GURU13 Ergodicity in Stationary Graph Processes A Weak Law of Large Numbers PDF/DOC
GURU14 Estimation From Quantized Gaussian Measurements When and How to Use Dither PDF/DOC
GURU15 Frame-Based Sparse Analysis and Synthesis Signal  Representations and Parseval K-SVD PDF/DOC
GURU16 Gather and Conquer Region-Based Strategies to Accelerate Safe Screening Tests PDF/DOC
GURU17 Information-Theoretic Pilot Design for Downlink Channel Estimation in FDD Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
GURU18 Invertible Particle-Flow-Based Sequential MCMC With Extension to Gaussian Mixture Noise Models PDF/DOC
GURU19 Joint Optimization of Dimension Assignment and  Compression in Distributed Estimation Fusion PDF/DOC
GURU20 Joint Time-of-Arrival Estimation for Coherent UWB Ranging in Multipath Environment With Multi-User Interference PDF/DOC
GURU21 Learning Optimal Resource Allocations in Wireless Systems PDF/DOC
GURU22 Learning ReLU Networks on Linearly Separable Data Algorithm, Optimality, and Generalization PDF/DOC
GURU23 Localization From Incomplete Euclidean Distance Matrix Performance Analysis for the SVD-MDS Approach PDF/DOC
GURU24 Multi-user regularized zero-forcing beamforming PDF/DOC
GURU25 New Saddle-Point Technique for Non-Coherent Radar Detection With Application to Correlated Targets in Uncorrelated Clutter Speckle PDF/DOC
GURU26 Noisy Accelerated Power Method for Eigenproblems With Applications PDF/DOC
GURU27 Non-Existence of Convolution Sum System Representations PDF/DOC
GURU28 On the Two-User MISO Interference Channel With Single-User Decoding Impact of Imperfect CSIT and Channel Dimension Reduction PDF/DOC
GURU29 Online Graph-Adaptive Learning With Scalability and Privacy PDF/DOC
GURU30 Online Power Optimization in Feedback-Limited,Dynamic and Unpredictable IoT Networks PDF/DOC
GURU31 Optimal Spectral Initialization for Signal Recovery With Applications to Phase Retrieval PDF/DOC
GURU32 Projected Stochastic Primal-Dual Method for Constrained Online Learning With Kernels PDF/DOC
GURU33 Robustness of Difference Coarrays of Sparse Arrays to Sensor Failures—Part I A Theory Motivated by Coarray MUSIC PDF/DOC
GURU34 Robustness of Difference Coarrays of Sparse Arrays to Sensor Failures—Part II Array Geometries PDF/DOC
GURU35 Semi-Blind Inference of Topologies and Dynamical  Processes Over Dynamic Graphs PDF/DOC
GURU36 Source Resolvability of Spatial-Smoothing-Based Subspace Methods A Hadamard Product Perspective PDF/DOC
GURU37 Space-Time Media-Based Modulation PDF/DOC
GURU38 Stable Principal Component Pursuit via Convex Analysis PDF/DOC
GURU39 State-Space Adaptive Nonlinear Self-Interference Cancellation for Full-Duplex Communication PDF/DOC
GURU40 Structured and Unstructured Outlier Identification for Robust PCA A Fast Parameter Free Algorithm PDF/DOC
GURU41 Tight Performance Bounds for Compressed Sensing With Conventional and Group Sparsity PDF/DOC
GURU42 Trainable ISTA for Sparse Signal Recovery PDF/DOC
GURU43 Transmit MIMO Radar Beampattern Design via Optimization on the Complex Circle Manifold PDF/DOC
GURU44 Two-Dimensional Super-Resolution via Convex Relaxation PDF/DOC
GURU45 Two-Stage Analog Combining in Hybrid Beamforming Systems With Low-Resolution ADCs PDF/DOC
GURU46 Two-Timescale Hybrid Compression and Forward for Massive MIMO Aided C-RAN PDF/DOC
GURU47 Uncovering Source Ranges From Range Differences  Observed by Sensors at Unknown Positions Fundamental Theory PDF/DOC
GURU48 Unimodality-Constrained Matrix Factorization for Non-Parametric Source Localization PDF/DOC
GURU49 User Selection and Power Minimization in Full- Duplex Cloud Radio Access Networks PDF/DOC
GURU50 Wideband MIMO Radar Waveform Design PDF/DOC


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