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GURU01 3D Trajectory Optimization in Rician Fading for UAV-Enabled Data Harvesting PDF/DOC
GURU02 A High-Diversity Transceiver Design for MISO Broadcast Channels PDF/DOC
GURU03 A Non-Stationary Online Learning Approach to Mobility Management PDF/DOC
GURU04 A Probabilistic HARQ Protocol for Demodulate-and-Forward Relaying Networks PDF/DOC
GURU05 A Stackelberg Game Approach Toward Socially- Aware Incentive Mechanisms for Mobile Crowdsensing PDF/DOC
GURU06 A Transceiver Design for Spectrum Sharing in Mixed Numerology Environments PDF/DOC
GURU07 A Truthful Mechanism for Scheduling Delay- Constrained Wireless Transmissions in IoT-Based Healthcare Networks PDF/DOC
GURU08 A Unified QoS and Security Provisioning Framework for Wiretap Cognitive Radio Networks A Statistical Queueing Analysis Approach PDF/DOC
GURU09 A Wireless Optical Backhaul Solution for Optical Attocell Networks PDF/DOC
GURU10 Achievable Data Rate of DCT-Based Multicarrier  Modulation Systems PDF/DOC
GURU11 Achievable Rates of Multi-Carrier Modulation Schemes for Bandlimited IMDD Systems PDF/DOC
GURU12 Active Two-Way Backscatter Modulation An Analytical Study PDF/DOC
GURU13 Activity Detection for Massive Connectivity Under Frequency Offsets via First-Order Algorithms PDF/DOC
GURU14 Adaptive Distributed Association in Time-Variant Millimeter Wave Networks PDF/DOC
GURU15 Adaptive Transmission in Cellular Networks Fixed-Rate Codes With Power Control Versus Physical Layer Rateless Codes PDF/DOC
GURU16 Alamouti Coding for DFT Spreading-Based Low PAPR FBMC PDF/DOC
GURU17 Ambient Backscatter Communication Systems With MFSK Modulation PDF/DOC
GURU18 An Analysis of Two-User Uplink Asynchronous Non-orthogonal Multiple Access Systems PDF/DOC
GURU19 An Energy Saving Small Cell Sleeping Mechanism With Cell Range Expansion in Heterogeneous Networks PDF/DOC
GURU20 An Online Optimization Framework for Distributed Fog Network Formation With Minimal Latency PDF/DOC
GURU21 Analog MIMO Radio-Over-Copper Downlink With Space-Frequency to Space-Frequency Multiplexing for Multi-User 5G Indoor Deployments PDF/DOC
GURU22 Angle-Domain Approach for Parameter Estimation in High-Mobility OFDM With FullyPartly Calibrated Massive ULA PDF/DOC
GURU23 Asymmetric Modulation for Hardware Impaired Systems—Error Probability Analysis and Receiver Design PDF/DOC
GURU24 Asymptotic Analysis of RZF Over Double Scattering Channels With MMSE Estimation PDF/DOC
GURU25 Asymptotic Performance Analysis of GSVD- NOMA Systems With a Large-Scale Antenna Array PDF/DOC
GURU26 Asymptotically Optimal Resource Block Allocation With Limited Feedback PDF/DOC
GURU27 Auction-Based Time Scheduling for Backscatter-Aided RF-Powered Cognitive Radio Networks PDF/DOC
GURU28 Augmenting LoRaWAN Performance With Listen Before Talk PDF/DOC
GURU29 Beam Training and Allocation for Multiuser Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
GURU30 Beamforming Design and Power Allocation for Secure Transmission With NOMA PDF/DOC
GURU31 Beyond 5G with UAVs Foundations of a 3D Wireless Cellular Network PDF/DOC
GURU32 Blind Demixing for Low-Latency Communication PDF/DOC
GURU33 Capacity Bounds and Interference Management for Interference Channel in Visible Light Communication Networks PDF/DOC
GURU34 Capacity of Cellular Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
GURU35 Cellular UAV-to-X Communications Design and  Optimization for Multi-UAV Networks PDF/DOC
GURU36 Characterizing the Impact of SNR Heterogeneity on Time-of-Arrival-Based Localization Outage Probability PDF/DOC
GURU37 Compensation of Phase Noise in Uplink Massive MIMO OFDM Systems PDF/DOC
GURU38 Constructive Interference Optimization for Data- Aided Precoding in Multi-User MISO Systems PDF/DOC
GURU39 Cooperative Authentication in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
GURU40 Coverage and Handoff Analysis of 5G Fractal Small Cell Networks PDF/DOC
GURU41 CPLink Interference-Free Reuse of Cyclic-Prefix Intervals in OFDM-Based Networks PDF/DOC
GURU42 Cross-Technology Communications for Heterogeneous IoT Devices Through Artificial Doppler Shifts PDF/DOC
GURU43 D2D Communications Meet Mobile Edge Computing for Enhanced Computation Capacity in Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
GURU44 Decentralized Coded Caching Without File Splitting PDF/DOC
GURU45 Deep Multi-User Reinforcement Learning for Distributed Dynamic Spectrum Access PDF/DOC
GURU46 Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Modulation and Coding Scheme Selection in Cognitive Heterogeneous Networks PDF/DOC
GURU47 Design and Implementation of Adaptive Multi-Tap Analog Interference Canceller PDF/DOC
GURU48 Distributed Processing for Multi-Relay Assisted OFDM With Index Modulation PDF/DOC
GURU49 Distributed Resource Allocation in Blockchain- Based Video Streaming Systems With Mobile Edge Computing PDF/DOC
GURU50 Double Auction Mechanism Design for Video Caching in Heterogeneous Ultra-Dense Networks PDF/DOC
GURU51 Downlink MU-MIMO With QoS Aware Transmission Precoder Design and Performance Analysis PDF/DOC
GURU52 Downlink Resource Allocation for Dynamic TDMA-Based VLC Systems PDF/DOC
GURU53 Dual-Mode User-Centric Open-Loop Cooperative Caching for Backhaul-Limited Small-Cell Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
GURU54 Dynamic Transmission Policy for Multi-Pair Cooperative Device-to-Device Communication With Block-Diagonalization Precoding PDF/DOC
GURU55 Efficient Downlink Channel Reconstruction for FDD Multi-Antenna Systems PDF/DOC
GURU56 Energy Minimization for Wireless Communication with Rotory Wing UAV PDF/DOC
GURU57 Energy-Efficient Interactive Beam Alignment for  Millimeter-Wave Networks PDF/DOC
GURU58 Enhanced Multiuser Superposition Transmission Through Structured Modulation PDF/DOC
GURU59 Estimation of Primary Channel Activity Statistics in Cognitive Radio Based on Periodic Spectrum Sensing Observations PDF/DOC
GURU60 Evaluating SIR in 3D Millimeter-Wave Deployments Direct Modeling and Feasible Approximations PDF/DOC
GURU61 Expeditious Estimation of Angle-of-Arrival for Hybrid Butler Matrix Arrays PDF/DOC
GURU62 Experimental Evaluation of Techniques to Lower Spectrum Consumption in Wi-Red PDF/DOC
GURU63 Exploiting Dispersive Power Gain and Delay Spread for Sybil Detection in Industrial WSNs A Multi-Kernel Approach PDF/DOC
GURU64 Fast HARQ Over Finite Blocklength Codes A Technique for Low-Latency Reliable Communication PDF/DOC
GURU65 FDD Massive MIMO via ULDL Channel Covariance Extrapolation and Active Channel Sparsification PDF/DOC
GURU66 Fog Massive MIMO A User-Centric Seamless Hot-Spot Architecture PDF/DOC
GURU67 Gaussian Message Passing for Overloaded Massive MIMO-NOMA PDF/DOC
GURU68 Generalized Channel Estimation and User Detection for Massive Connectivity With Mixed- ADC Massive MIMO PDF/DOC
GURU69 Generalized Low-Rank Optimization for Topological Cooperation in Ultra-Dense Networks PDF/DOC
GURU70 Harnessing NLOS Components for Position and  ientation Estimation in 5G Millimeter Wave MIMO PDF/DOC
GURU71 Heterogeneous Multi-Tier Networks Improper Signaling for Joint Rate-Energy Optimization PDF/DOC
GURU72 High-Mobility Wideband Massive MIMO Communications Doppler Compensation, Analysis and Scaling Laws PDF/DOC
GURU73 High-Resolution OFDM-Based Sensor Node Ranging Within In-Homogeneous Media of Human Body PDF/DOC
GURU74 Hybrid LISA for Wideband Multiuser Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems Under Beam Squint PDF/DOC
GURU75 Hybrid Precoder Design for Cache-Enabled Millimeter-Wave Radio Access Networks PDF/DOC
GURU76 Impact of Multiple Primaries and Partial CSI on Transmit Antenna Selection for Interference- Outage Constrained Underlay CR PDF/DOC
GURU77 Impact of Small Cells Overlapping on Mobility Management PDF/DOC
GURU78 Intelligent MU-MIMO User Selection With Dynamic Link Adaptation in IEEE 802.11ax PDF/DOC
GURU79 Interference Management for Cellular-Connected UAVs A Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach PDF/DOC
GURU80 IoT-U Cellular Internet-of-Things Networks Over  Unlicensed Spectrum PDF/DOC
GURU81 Joint Antenna Array Mode Selection and User Assignment for Full-Duplex MU-MISO Systems PDF/DOC
GURU82 Joint Blind Identification of the Number of Transmit Antennas and MIMO Schemes Using Gerschgorin Radii and FNN PDF/DOC
GURU83 Joint Channel Estimation and TxRx IQ Imbalance Compensation for GFDM Systems PDF/DOC
GURU84 Joint Interference Cancellation and Resource Allocation for Full-Duplex Cloud Radio Access Networks PDF/DOC
GURU85 Joint Minimization of Wired and Wireless Traffic for Content Delivery by Multicast Pushing PDF/DOC
GURU86 Joint Mode Selection and Transceiver Design for Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying Multi-User MIMO Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
GURU87 Joint Noisy Network Coding and Decode-Forward  Relaying for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access PDF/DOC
GURU88 Joint Path Selection and Rate Allocation Framework for 5G Self-Backhauled mm-wave Networks PDF/DOC
GURU89 Joint Sponsored and Edge Caching Content Service Market A Game-Theoretic Approach PDF/DOC
GURU90 Joint Transmit and Circuit Power Minimization in Massive MIMO With Downlink SINR Constraints When to Turn on Massive MIMO PDF/DOC
GURU91 Leakage Rate Analysis for Artificial Noise Assisted Massive MIMO With Non-Coherent Passive Eavesdropper in Block-Fading PDF/DOC
GURU92 Learning-Aided Multiple Time-Scale SON Function Coordination in Ultra-Dense Small-Cell Networks PDF/DOC
GURU93 Linear Precoding With Low-Resolution DACs for Massive MU-MIMO-OFDM Downlink PDF/DOC
GURU94 Liquid State Machine Learning for Resource and Cache Management in LTE-U Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Networks PDF/DOC
GURU95 Load Balancing User Association in Millimeter Wave MIMO Networks PDF/DOC
GURU96 Localization of Energy Harvesting Empowered  Underwater Optical Wireless Sensor Networks PDF/DOC
GURU97 Low-Complexity Truncated Polynomial Expansion DL Precoders and UL Receivers for Massive MIMO in Correlated Channels PDF/DOC
GURU98 Massive MIMO Forward Link Analysis for Cellular Network PDF/DOC
GURU99 Massive MIMO Optimization with Compatible Sets PDF/DOC
GURU100 Max-Min Fairness User Scheduling and Power Allocation in Full-Duplex OFDMA Systems PDF/DOC
GURU101 Message Passing Based Distributed Learning for  Joint Resource Allocation in Millimeter Wave Heterogeneous Networks PDF/DOC
GURU102 Message Passing Receivers for Generalized Media-Based Modulation Signals PDF/DOC
GURU103 Message Passing-Based Joint CFO and Channel Estimation in mmWave Systems With One-Bit ADCs PDF/DOC
GURU104 Message-Passing Receiver Design for Joint Channel Estimation and Data Decoding in Uplink Grant-Free SCMA Systems PDF/DOC
GURU105 Minimizing Wi-Fi Latency With Unlicensed LTE  Opportunistic White-Space Utilization PDF/DOC
GURU106 Mixed-Timescale Online PHY Caching for Dual- Mode MIMO Cooperative Networks PDF/DOC
GURU107 MmWave Communication With Active Ambient Perception PDF/DOC
GURU108 Mobile Computation Offloading for Application  Throughput Fairness and Energy Efficiency PDF/DOC
GURU109 Mobile-Traffic-Aware Offloading for Energy- and  Spectral-Efficient Large-Scale D2D-Enabled Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
GURU110 Modeling and Analysis of Differential CQI Feedback in 4G 5G OFDM Cellular Systems PDF/DOC
GURU111 Modeling and Analysis of Point-to-Multipoint Millimeter Wave Backhaul Networks PDF/DOC
GURU112 Moving Aerial Base Station Networks A Stochastic Geometry Analysis and Design Perspective PDF/DOC
GURU113 Multi-Agent Distributed Beamforming With Improper Gaussian Signaling for MIMO Interference Broadcast Channels PDF/DOC
GURU114 Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Efficient Content Caching in Mobile D2D Networks PDF/DOC
GURU115 Multi-Antenna Covert Communications in Random Wireless Networks PDF/DOC
GURU116 Multicast Precoding for Multigateway Multibeam Satellite Systems With Feeder Link Interference PDF/DOC
GURU117 Multi-Cell Multi-User Massive FD-MIMO Downlink Precoding and Throughput Analysis PDF/DOC
GURU118 Multiple-Jammer-Aided Secure Transmission With Receiver-Side Correlation PDF/DOC
GURU119 Multi-User Analog Beamforming in Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems Based on Path Angle Information PDF/DOC
GURU120 Multiuser Wirelessly Powered Backscatter communications Nonlinearity, Waveform Design, and SINR-Energy Tradeoff PDF/DOC
GURU121 Network-Coded NOMA With Antenna Selection for the Support of Two Heterogeneous Groups of Users PDF/DOC
GURU122 Non-Uniform Deployment of Power Beacons in Wireless Powered Communication Networks PDF/DOC
GURU123 Novel Method for Multi-Dimensional Mapping of Higher Order Modulations for BICM-ID Over Rayleigh Fading Channels PDF/DOC
GURU124 OFDM-IM Based Dual-Hop System Using Fixed-Gain Amplify-and-Forward Relay With Pre-Processing Capability PDF/DOC
GURU125 On the Diversity of Uncoded OTFS Modulation in Doubly-Dispersive Channels PDF/DOC
GURU126 On the Throughput of Large-but-Finite MIMO Networks Using Schedulers PDF/DOC
GURU127 Online Learning-Based Downlink Transmission Coordination in Ultra-Dense Millimeter Wave Heterogeneous Networks PDF/DOC
GURU128 Online Policies for Energy Harvesting Receivers With Time-Switching Architectures PDF/DOC
GURU129 Online Policies for Throughput Maximization of Energy-Constrained Wireless-Powered Communication Systems PDF/DOC
GURU130 On-off Switched Interference Alignment for Diversity Multiplexing Tradeoff Improvement in the 2-User X-Network With Two Antennas PDF/DOC
GURU131 Optimal Base Station Antenna Downtilt in Downlink Cellular Networks PDF/DOC
GURU132 Optimal Joint Modulation Classification and Symbol Decoding PDF/DOC
GURU133 Optimal Multi-User Scheduling for the Unbalanced Full-Duplex Buffer-Aided Relay Systems PDF/DOC
GURU134 Optimal Power Allocations for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Over 5 PDF/DOC
GURU135 Optimal Signaling Schemes and Capacity of Non- Coherent Rician Fading Channels With Low- Resolution Output Quantization PDF/DOC
GURU136 Optimizing MDS Coded Caching in Wireless Networks With Device-to-Device Communication PDF/DOC
GURU137 Optimizing Resource Allocation in the Short Blocklength Regime for Ultra-Reliable and Low- Latency Communications PDF/DOC
GURU138 Orchestrating Resource Management in LTE- Unlicensed Systems With Backhaul Link Constraints PDF/DOC
GURU139 Outage Analysis and Finite SNR Diversity-Multiplexing Tradeoff of Hybrid-Duplex Systems for Aeronautical Communications PDF/DOC
GURU140 Outdoor to Indoor Propagation Channel Measurements at 28 GHz PDF/DOC
GURU141 Periodic Analog Channel Estimation Aided Beamforming for Massive MIMO Systems PDF/DOC
GURU142 Physical-Layer Security in Full-Duplex Multi-Hop Multi-User Wireless Network With Relay Selection PDF/DOC
GURU143 Pilot- and CP-Aided Channel Estimation in MIMO Non-Orthogonal Multi-Carriers PDF/DOC
GURU144 Precoding and Detection for Broadband Single Carrier Terahertz Massive MIMO Systems Using LSQR Algorithm PDF/DOC
GURU145 Proactive Caching for Vehicular Multi-View 3D Video Streaming via Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF/DOC
GURU146 Programmable Hierarchical C-RAN From Task Scheduling to Resource Allocation PDF/DOC
GURU147 QoS-Aware User Association and Resource Allocation in LAA-LTE WiFi Coexistence Systems PDF/DOC
GURU148 Random 3D Mobile UAV Networks Mobility Modeling and Coverage Probability PDF/DOC
GURU149 Random Access Packet-Based or Connection-Based PDF/DOC
GURU150 Rate Adaptation for Downlink Massive MIMO Networks and Underlaid D2D Links A Learning Approach PDF/DOC


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